College GameDay Helmets Review

Football season is right around the corner and one of the best ways to display your team pride is with your teams football helmet.

We recently received a College GameDay Helmet to review. These are not regulation sized helmets, but a smaller version about the size of a softball. What makes the College Gameday Helmet unique from having just a helmet is the fact that it hovers above the ground.

The really cool thing, that I had to learn, was that you can get the helmet to literally hover off the ground without being attached to anything. There is a magnet in the top of the helmet and in the stand. Just put your finger in the top of the helmet and once you feel the magnet start to grip slide your finger out and it will hover and spin in the air!

The bottom also has a set up LED lights that will shine up on the helmet to let all know who you pull for. It is powered by an aux cord that plugs into the wall, so no batteries to replace:)

PROS: Cool design, LED lights, licensed with your favorite college teams. It will literally levitate your team!

CONS: different colored LED lights would be great for team colors. mine came with only blue.

Overall, this is a cool product that would make a great gift for a graduation present or to the hardcore fan. I have mine proudly displayed in my man room. Where will you put yours?

Get yours here:

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