Color Changing Fire Packets

Fire pits are awesome, but if you really want to impress your guests it’s time to toss in some color changing fire packets. We got our hands on Color Flame from Envirolog to see exactly how these would enhance your next fire pit session.

We love fire pits. There is something therapeutic about sitting around a fire pit with your friends and having your favorite beverage. Watching the flames dance can remove all the worries of a long day. When we learned about a fun way to change the color of the flames we were all in. We got some Color Flame from Envirolog and then fired up the pit.

How to Use

-Get your fire going (maybe with an Envirolog)

-Once the fire is going take one of the Color Flame packets and toss the entire package into the fire (don’t open the packet)

-Sit back and enjoy the show

They recommend adding 1-2 packets into the fire. We of course added 2 to ensure we got the full show. When you add the Color Flame to the fire within 20-30 seconds you will start to see the colors start up. There are greens, purples, and blues that start to stand out.

The entire crew that was around the fire pit was snapping photos and taking videos as they wanted to show all of their friends. We were all in awe enjoying the fire pit night in a whole new way. We gave some of the these packets to other friends and their kids loved the color show too.

A few things NOT to do with the Color Flame. Don’t cook food over the fire if you’re using Color Flame, as it could get into the food. Also they state on the bag don’t open the bag and pour in.

We are trained professionals over here and when doing a review want to dive in and learn as much as we can about the product, so we did open a package and you can see more on that in the video below. Don’t try this at home:)

The time the Color Flame will last does vary, but you can count on anywhere from 2-4 hours. I even had one tester say they were still getting the colors the next time they fired up their pit!

In Conclusion

PROS: awesome colors, easy to use, hours of fun

CONS: you can’t roast marshmallows over the flames

Overall, having a few of these Color Flame packets on hand is sure to impress your guests of all ages the next time you have a fire pit night.

Learn more and get your own Color Flame in select Walmart Stores.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 12/8/20

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