Cool It Cooler Review

We all love cold beer, but we don’t always need to lug a huge cooler around if we are just having a few beers. Sometimes for a tailgate, or party all you need is the classic six pack. Now there is a way to keep that six pack ICE cold WITHOUT ICE! That’s correct, the team at Cool It Cooler made a cooler briefcase that can keep your beers cold for hours.

The Cool It Cooler is a small blue briefcase cooler. You place the Cool It Cooler in the freezer and allow it to freeze. The entire Cool It Cooler then becomes the cooling agent to keep your beers (or other canned beverages) cold for hours.  There is a patented gel in side of the Cool It Cooler that freezes after being in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Once frozen it can keep the contents of the Cool It Cooler cold for up to 6 hours. Currently, the Cool It Cooler comes only in blue color, but they can also do private brand labels on the Cool It Cooler, so you can promote your business.

I got my Cool It Cooler in and placed it in the freezer to get it ready for action. I then loaded up the 6 canned beers to see how well the Cool It Cooler can keep the beer cold. Note here is that the Cool It Cooler can only hold canned beverages and can only hold the 12 ounce variety cans. The Cool It Cooler was easy to carry, as to me it’s like a mini briefcase with a handle. What I liked is that the beers stayed cold for well over 4 hours long. I also put one room temperature beer in the Cool It Cooler and it chilled this beer down to where it was nice and cool to drink.

PROS: easy to carry, keeps beer cold over 4 hours, can chill a room temperature beer

CONS: can only hold 12 ounce cans, can only hold 6 cans at a time

If you need a way to take 6 beers on the go and keep them cold with NO ice, then the Cool It Cooler is the cooler for you.

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