Coolagon Review

Hauling around a heavy cooler is not fun, PERIOD. When you’re going to hop around tailgates, or go to a neighborhood party you need an easier way to transport a cooler full of beverages to the party. Sure there are many soft coolers that can help with this problem, but they don’t always keep drinks cold as long. They also may not be able to hold as many drinks as you need to take to the party. Time to check out the Coolagon Cooler.

We got our Coolagon in last year and have been testing it ever since (sorry for the wait). The Coolagon is essentially a wagon with a built in cooler. You have the classic handle that allows you to steer the cooler around as the front suspension allows the wheels to turn.

Let’s take a look at some of the features:

-36 pounds (dry)

-50 quart capacity

-locking cooler lid

-trap door to access drinks

-holds up to 300 pounds

-off road tires

-over 2 days of ice

-1 cup holder

Speaking of turning there are four pneumatic tires (30 PSI) that are built to go on the pavement or off road. This is a great feature to ensure that no matter where the party takes you, that you will be ready to roll, literally.

The Coolagon has a 50 quart capacity and we filled it up with ice to put it to the Tailgating Challenge. We took it out for a neighborhood party where we opened and closed the cooler throughout the night. Fast forward 24 hours and there was still plenty of ice in the cooler. At 48 hours there were still chunks of ice, but there was more water than ice. At the 48 hour mark we did a temperature test and water was 35 degrees, so still able to pull cold drinks after 48 hours.

The Coolagon was based off the motorized Cruzin Cooler. They kept the same cooler on wheels, but removed the engine, brakes etc. The Coolagon can hold a ‘rider’ or ‘sitter’ of up to 300 pounds (you can watch me jump on top of the cooler in the video below).

Another cool feature is the trap door that allows you to open a small door on the lid of the cooler to pull drinks out. This is great for two reasons: you don’t have to open the full lid and let cold air out and if you’re sitting on the cooler you don’t have to get up if someone needs a drink.

Overall, this makes getting to the party far easier than hauling a heavy roto-molded cooler and you’re doing it with style, as I got numerous comments regarding this Coolagon cooler.

You can get your own by visiting:


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We were NOT paid to create this review. We were sent one Coolagon to test out and give our honest feedback on.

Written by: Luke Lorick 8/3/20

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