Cooler 2 See Review

If you drink beer at the tailgate then I’d be willing to bet that you have a koozie on each and every drink you have, right? We just got the new Cooler 2 See Koozie and you can definitely see this isn’t your average koozie!

The Cooler 2 See is a koozie that has a built in high powered LED light in the bottom that you can use as a flashlight or have your friends find you at night. These koozies also have a strong magnet that can hold a full beer while attached to a vehicle or the fridge.  The other thing that sets these koozies off is the ability to add hydrographics to the koozies to add a high level of detail.

PROS: LED light, Hydrographics, strong magnets, condensation build up hole in bottom of koozie
CONS: having college/pro licensing to have your team. These are bulkier that your standard neoprene koozie, but with all the added goodies this is a no brainer.

Overall, this is the most unique koozie I’ve had the chance to use to date. I mean a Koozie that essentially has a built in flash light and magnets strong enough to hold a full drink. Ready to have your koozie stand out from the sea of ‘regular’ koozies?  Then its time for Cooler 2 See.

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