Coolina Promaja Knife Review

We all need a great knife. A great knife can change the way you prepare your meals in the kitchen. I’ve had plenty of knives that have been average, at best. For years I didnt know what a difference a great knife could make, until I got a really good knife as a wedding gift. That knife was my go to and it changed the way I prepared my meals. I recently got my hands on another amazing knife: Promaja from Coolina. 

The Promaja knife from Coolina is a hatchet style knife that looks awesome, but we needed to know if it could become our go to knife in the kitchen. Coolina sent us a knife to check out and get our honest opinion on, so once it came in we were stoked to check it out.

Before we get into our thoughts on this knife, lets look at some of the features of the Coolina Promaja knife:

  • 7 inch X 4 inch blade made from Serbian Steel 

  •  Weight .95 lbs

  •  Razor sharp blade

  •  Handmade

  •  Balanced for precise cuts 

Our box arrived in the mail and I quickly opened it to see if the pictures I saw online were similar to the real thing. Spoiler alert: It could look even better in real life. This knife has a rustic style and feels great in your hand. The style and feel of this knife screams: QUALITY. I like that this knife looks different than the majority of knives that most of us have in our kitchen.

We know the knife passes the eyeball test, but how well does it handle what it was designed to do? We grilled some steaks and made a salad and used the Promaja knife on everything. It made clean, easy cuts through the steak and through the vegetables that we lined up in front of it. We even took a swipe at a cardboard box that the knife went almost all the way through. They claim you can cut through bone and wood with this knife, but I have not tested that feature, at the time of this review. I have no doubt this knife can cut through some bones.

This knife can literally replace most of the knives you have in your knife block at home. I tried using this knife to trim around the bone of the T bone steak and while I was able to make it work I think a smaller blade could work better to trim in smaller spaces .

In addition, after the first use a small black circular dot appeared on the side of the blade that I have not yet been able to remove. I hand washed and dried the knife after the first use and did not run it through a dishwasher. I’ve even tried lemon juice to help get it off, with no success yet.

Overall, I do love this knife and it will be one of my top go to knives in the kitchen moving forward. If you’re looking for an awesome looking knife that backs things up with superior cutting power, then check out the full line up of knives at:

Check out the video below and of course drop a comment with your thoughts on this knife! 


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Written by: Luke Lorick 4/12/20

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