Craft Beer Club Review

OK lets be honest beer is awesome and if you don’t drink it then I bet you know someone who does. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to enjoy more unique beers and their flavors vs what can be bought at the gas station in a 30 pack.
Craft Beer Club is a service that sends unique craft beers to you every month. Currently you get 12 craft beers for $39.00 a month delivered to your front door.
I got my first shipment last week and I have to say its kind of nice coming home from work on Friday and having a box of beer awaiting taste testing:)
For my tester they also included a top notch bottle opener and 4 beer glasses to get the taste tests started.
I had never seen or hear of any of the beers that were included in the package, which is awesome! Seeing and tasting new beers is part of the fun.
Each month they will send you different unique beers, so you always have something to look forward to.

PROS: unique craft beers delivered to your door, different breweries from around the USA, different style beers in every shipment.
CONS: It would be nice if you could have a beer buffett to pick out the different types or breweries each month

Overall, this is an awesome idea and would make a great  gift to give the beer lover in your life.

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