Craggy Games Ring Toss Review

Ring Toss has always been a favorite of the Tailgating Challenge crew. When we saw a whole new way to play, we knew we had to test out the Craggy Games Hooks game. They took the classic game of ring toss and added a battle element and shot ladder. The shot ladder takes game play to the next level. Now it’s time to let the hooks fly in this Craggy Games Ring Toss Review.

How to Play Hooks Game

-Set your game up, once received. The strings are already attached.

-Place the shot ladder beside the Hooks game.

-Center the wooden shot glass in middle of the shot ladder.

-Each time you hook a shot, move the wooden marker one space closer to your opponent.

-Winning happens once you move the wooden marker off the shot ladder.

-Loser DRINKS!

Ring Toss Testing

Getting our HOOKS game on!

We got the ‘finished’ edition of the Craggy Games Hooks. The finished version brings a top shelf appearance to the wood used in making this game. This is for visual appeal only and does not impact the play of the game. I will say that everyone that played the game commented that the game looked top notch.

When the game comes in you’ll need to set the game up. This is simple, since they have already attached the strings. You only need to put the top piece into the base and push it in snugly to ensure stable fit.

Now you are ready to get your Hooks on. Place the shot ladder beside the ring toss game and center the wooden marker in the middle space of the shot ladder. Now challenge your drinking buddy to a game.

We played various rounds with our friends and everyone had a great time. It takes a little time to get into a groove with finding your proper swing to the game. Once you find it, it will make the game more fun.

Playing one on one is what we did the most of, but you can flip this into a team relay race with an equal number of players on each side. Each team member would have to get it on the hook before moving the wooden marker over. This will increase the length of game play and obviously get the teams fired up to cheer each other on.


PROS: looks great, fun to play, ability to do some fun trick shots
CONS: we noticed that one of the strings was a fraction of an inch shorter than the other. This meant that side had more of a challenge to hook, as there was less play in the line.

Overall, this is a fun game that you can play inside, or at your next tailgating adventure. While the game has the ability to be a fun drinking game, you can also play this with no alcohol involved, so friends of any age can join in the HOOKS fun!

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Craggy Games Ring Toss Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 7/11/21

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