Crazy Cooler Review

We all need a cooler, but sometimes we get the inner desire to get a little crazy. What happens when you mix a little crazy and a cooler….CRAZY COOLERS.

Crazy Coolers are coolers that have been motorized and not only motorized, but they have off road tires and a WHEELIE bar. that’s right this cooler can do wheelies!

The cooler we received was not the fully assembled model and I’ll go ahead and say I HIGHLY recommend you get the fully assembled model, as the build on this was far more challenging than I anticipated.

Once I finally got it together I did some mild adjustments of the brakes, zip tied any loose wires and adjusted the angle of the front wheel suspension (you’ll play with this a little bit if you get one to find the right toe in/toe out to fit your riding needs) then it was time for fun.

The accelerator is a thumb push, similar to some 4 wheelers I’ve been on, and it doesn’t throw you back and into a wheelie if you give it too much gas. I’ll say another cooler I’ve been on has thrown some people off if they hit the gas too hard.

The cooler sounds (gas powered engine) and looks aggressive, I like that. I’ll be honest I haven’t fully tested out riding the wheelies down the road just yet (stay tuned for an updated review after this haha)

PROS: looks amazing, fun, keeps drinks cold, can go off road, can customize it

CONS: I’d highly recommend you get the one that is fully assembled. Assembly was challenging. I wish it was a bit faster (they sell a high speed kit that I may have to get:))

Overall, super sexy cooler that turns heads, keeps beer cold and oh yea can ride a wheelie. You may need this if you’re like me and just a little CRAZY!

Get yours HERE

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