CupCheck Game Review

We love checking out all the fun, new tailgating games that our Tailgating Challenge platform has given us the ability to do. Before I started Tailgating Challenge, I loved to tailgate, but I never knew just how many tailgating games would continue to come to market. With this influx of tailgating game testing I have a pretty good barometer of the games that will have lasting power in my tailgating arsenal vs. the ones that may get dustier in the corner. The latest game I got my hands on was CupCheck. Let us take a look and see just how CupCheck stood up to our Tailgating CHALLENGE.

I got our CupCheck game in and the first thing I can say is that they have the best packaging ever. All the parts of the game fit into a stylish, zipper bag. It is not just any zipper bag it is one that has a good picture of the set up on the front and all the rules and directions on the back. This is why these guys are genius, as pretty much every other game we test has some piece of paper in the box to tell you how to play. I bet you can guess where that paper normally goes:). This way no matter who has the game, or if you haven’t played in a while, all the information is right there at your fingers tips.

What’s inside the bag:

-4 poles and bases (there are various smaller poles that go into making these)

-2 Frisbee discs

-4 plastic cups with 2 replacement cups (in mine there were more than 6 cups, so you individual cups may vary)

-1 zipper bag tote


We got the bag unpacked and started putting the game together. This is where we got some feedback from the creator of the game who said “Luke I think you set it up wrong.” This was after we shot over an hour of different video takes to show the game in action. This is actually a good thing, as it shows another aspect on how to play the CupCheck game.  You can see in the video I went back and shared the proper way to set up, as there is one minor tweak to what you will see in most of the action shots in the below video.

We set ours up as two individual base stands that you could move apart to adjust for the level of skill for the game. The proper way is to connect the two stands with the two smaller poles that are included in the package. This helps with stability of the poles. When we were playing if you hit the pole hard it could flip that pole/base over. This is not a huge deal except that when playing defense the pole could snap back and hit you in the face (yes I took a pole to the face, but no tailgaters were harmed in the making of the video).

Rules of the game:

  • Offense splits the poles without knocking off cups (3 points)
  • Offense strikes the pole and knocks cup(s) to the ground (2 points)
  • Defense catches the cup(s), one handed (1 point)

These are the suggested ways to play and you can always adapt the scoring and how you play, be creative. Catching the cup is the hardest part. This should be worth more points and when you throw in having to catch it with one hand, wow. We let it play, so that as long as you could catch it before it hit the ground the defense got the points.

The main reason we like this game is the interactive play on both sides as you play both defense and offense. The best part is when the cup comes off and you have to make a play on catching it. The game play is to 21 and we always play any game to win by two.

Overall, this game scores on awesome packaging, fun, interaction and a little athleticism. Would love to see a future upgrade to include glow in the dark cups and frisbee discs, so you can play after the sun goes down.

Learn more and get your own by checking out CUPCHECK WEBSITE

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We did NOT get paid to make this review. All of our reviews are NON paid so we can speak the truth, it is what you deserve. We were sent one game to test out to get our honest feedback.

Written By: Luke Lorick 8/10/20

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