Custom Boonie Review

On those bright, sunny tailgating days most of us need a hat to keep the sun off.  Most of time we wear ball caps, but rarely do you see someone sporting a boonie at a tailgating event.  That will change now. Custom Boonies has made a line of stylish boonie hats that have velcro on both the front and rear to attach your teams logo or name.

Boonies in the past are been plain, with nothing to help support your favorite team, but Custom Boonies changed all of that with their new line of hats.  The velcro on the front and back allows you to get multiple patches/logos to attach to your boonie to show your fandom.

The hats are very comfortable and come in a variety of sizes.  I have received multiple comments and thumbs up when sporting the hats they sent for us to test out. The boonies come in tan, black and camo. My personal favorite is the black.

PROS: style, ability to change teams, able to customize your logos/sayings, 1$ of every purchase goes to veterans charity

CONS: Lack of variety of teams, they will custom make any of them but need orders of 20+ to do so

If you love the fit and total coverage of a boonie, but also love to represent your team then go check out CUSTOM BOONIE today!

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