Design a Suitcase Review

You have to hop on a plan to follow your team to every tailgate and when you travel you have to have luggage. Historically, luggage has been pretty boring. You can watch black bag after black bag go by at luggage claim and see why so many times people pick up other bags on accident…they all look alike. Well you know by now I’m far from a sheep. If I can’t fit in, then I must stand out and now my luggage can do that too thanks to:

Design A Suitcase. 

The team at Design A Suitcase can actually customize your luggage for you to ensure that you too, can stand out from the crowd. The concept is simple, but so awesome. You get to send them a picture (or pictures if you want to do a collage) and they get it placed on the front of your bag. They can even add custom text to the side panels of the bag.

When I first came across Design A Suitcase I knew I had to have one and started to work with them to help build the ultimate Tailgating Challenge luggage set. We went back and forth for some time trying to get the perfect image, that also has the perfect size (certain sized pics won’t work well with the suitcase). Once we found that fun picture, that was sized correctly, we also did some fun add on’s like our Tailgating Challenge logo on the top and bottom panels. We then added custom text on the side panels that state “Don’t Hate Just Tailgate” and “Tailgating is a Sport”.

Now lets get to the actual functionality of the luggage. The bag comes in two sizes one perfect as a carry on and one larger bag that is better as a checked bag. The fun picture that is on the bag is surrounded by a clear hard plastic shell, so the picture won’t be damaged. This plastic shell dulls the brightness picture a little bit, but not too bad. The bag comes with a telescoping handle, 360 degree wheels (awesome), separate compartment inside and a TSA lock.

I took the bag on my most recent flight and quite a few people were checking out my bag trying to see who that good looking guy on the bag was (ok maybe that wasn’t why they were looking at it). The wheels on the bag were great and made pushing it around a breeze. The bag sustained a few scratches from the travel, but it didn’t damage the photo at all.  The bag was a hit on the trip and it actually makes me look forward to packing a bag now!

PROS: custom photo and text that make the bag perfect for YOU, 360 degree wheels, TSA lock.

CONS: the picture has to be the perfect sizing or it won’t work. (this was frustrating, but the team at Design A Suitcase really stuck with me and helped work to eventually arrive at an awesome bag)

If you are ready to customize your flying experience with luggage as unique as you, then its time to Design A Suitcase!

Get some custom luggage and remember to show us/tag us in what you design.

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