Dimple Self-Chilling Glasses Review

Nobody likes hot beer, or wine for that matter. What if you are faced with the issue of there only being room temperature beer? Sure you could power through, like the champ you are, but you’d prefer to actually enjoy the flavor when it hits your lips. You can’t throw ice in your beer, but you can get a DIMPLE self-chilling glass!

Really, a self-chilling glass? YES, finally there is a better way with the DIMPLE self-chilling beer and wine glasses. They are called the DIMPLE because there are DIMPLES that you freeze and then put into the bottom of the cup to keep the drink cold. The Dimple connects via magnets to the bottom of the glass and claims to chill your drink without watering it down. You know what time it is? Time to put this claim to the test.

I chilled up a Dimple and then poured a room temperature beverage into the glass. I then put the Dimple into the bottom of the glass and waited with a thermometer in the glass. After about 4 minutes it dropped the temperature 15 degrees! Not too bad and that is the max temperature drop that I got from the Dimple, but it made a big difference. I’m not going to say it will make a room temperature drink taste ICE cold, but it can make it taste much better.

They way that I plan to use the Dimple is to help keep my drink colder, longer. If you aren’t slamming your wine or beer you can actually keep it colder while you drink. You know what that means? It will taste better all the way to the last drop. One Dimple will keep your drink chilled for about 30 minutes and if you have a few extra in the freezer you can keep the drinks ‘on ice’ all night long.

I only had one issue when testing the products…The wine glass took a tumble and shattered everywhere. Yes, these are made out of glass, so don’t mimick me..hold on to your drink tight. To be fair the cup was empty, so not quite as big of a party foul then, right?

PROS: chills drinks up to 15 degrees, can keep drinks colder for 30 minutes.

CONS: will shatter if dropped;) still can’t make a room temperature drink ice cold

Overall, if you like your beer or wine cold then the DIMPLE self-chilling glasses can help you keep your drink cold to the last drop.

Get your SELF-CHILLING glasses HERE

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