Dog Brew by BUSCH Review

There is nothing like cracking open a cold beer with your best friend, but what about when your dog is your best friend? How awesome would it be to share a ‘beer’ that is safe for them and that they will enjoy, pretty awesome we think. BUSCH beer just brought out a dog friendly beer and we picked up a 4 pack to see if dogs would like having a cold ‘dog beer’.

I’ll start by saying that the Busch Dog Brew does NOT have any alcohol. Alcohol is not good for dogs and you should NOT give your pets any beer that has alcohol. This ‘beer’ was designed with dogs in mind and the first thing we looked at was the ingredients in this Dog Brew:

-Bone-In Pork Butt

-Whole Corn







This sounds quite a bit healthier than the beer we drink! The cans come in 4 packs and each can is 12 ounces. We had to order ours online and it took longer than anticipated to arrive roughly 3 weeks. They noted there would be delays due to COVID-19, upon ordering.

First things first, with any of my pets I feel that anything they eat should be of high enough quality for me to eat to and this Dog Brew by Busch is no exception. Busch Lite was my original beer of choice when I started my tailgating career right out of college, so if they are bringing out a new brew, regardless of who its made for, I have to taste test it.

The Dog Brew pours a very light color and you can see some as I call them “floaties” in the beer. The smell test gives as hint of mint and when you taste the beer it also has that hint of mint. Overall, it’s not great, but it’s not bad. Not that this beer was designed with us humans in mind, but being the investigative journalist that I am, I must taste.

We put a little hard food in the dogs dish and poured the Dog Brew by Busch over their hard food. The dogs went to town lapping up the Dog Brew and they seemed to like it.  Depending on the size of your dog will dictate how much Dog Brew you should pour. While it’s not going to hurt them, a smaller dog may not be able to drink a full Dog Brew.

After tasting Dog Brew by Busch and looking at the ingredients I think this could be something we try cooking with. Stay tuned for a future cooking video with Dog Brew.

Busch Dog Brew sold out of their first batch in a matter of days (we were lucky to grab a 4 pack), but they are planning to bring out more nectar of the dogs beer and you can check status or get waitlisted HERE

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We never get paid for giving a review. This way we can keep it real with you and in this case your dog!

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/19/20

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