DonWhiskey Glass Review

I enjoy a glass of good whiskey from time to time, but I also enjoy things that are different and unique. The DonWhiskey STORM glass is a unique whiskey glass that when I saw it I knew it was exactly my style.

The DonWhiskey STORM glass is a high quality whiskey glass that has unique design by way of curves and twists in the glass that both fit your hand better and look down right awesome, in my opinion.

In focusing further on the two things that make this glass standout from the competition:

1. The design. It looks amazing and I’ll say the pictures and video below still don’t make it look as cool as it does in real life.

2. The feel. It has a nice weight to the glass and fits your hand extremely well, with the curves it has built in.

PROS: looks great, feels great, dishwasher safe and lead free

CONS: It holds my drink, feels great and looks great. I have no CONS at this time!


Overall, if you like to be different, unique and yourself then this glass will help show off your individualism as well as make the whiskey taste great:)

Get yours by CLICKING HERE

*The opinions above are mine and mine alone. Please remember to always drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!

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