Draft Top Review

Taste. Smell. Color. These are all critical components of fully enjoying an ice cold beer. If you’re drinking out of a can you simply can’t enjoy all three of these, until now. Meet the Draft Top and join us as we show you how it can change your beer drinking experience.

There are many times when you’re at the tailgate and you grab a cold beer out of the cooler, but don’t have a glass to pour it into. This won’t stop you from drinking the beer, but you won’t be able to enjoy the color and ‘nose’ of the beer like you could from a glass. The Draft Top is a portable tool that will allow you drink topless!

We got our Draft Top in the mail and grabbed a beer out of the fridge to test it out. Here are the steps on how to operate the Draft Top:

  1. Open the handle that folds into the side

  2. Place on the top of a standard can (8oz-16oz)

  3. Squeeze the handle (step 1) and grip the can with your other hand (I prefer the bottom of the can)

  4. Continue squeezing the handle and start rotating the can for multiple turns

  5. Push the top into the can or pull it out

The first time I used the Draft Top it took me quite some time to get it to work. I turned it over and over again and it started to open, but didn’t open the can enough to get the lid off. My second time went much better and here are a few tips for new users:

  1. Don’t have a koozie on your beer when attempting. You lose the torque of turning the can with the koozie on. 

  2. Hold the can at the bottom and not the middle. Holding in the middle can cause the can to start to crush and spill beer.

  3. Use some power with your grip and rotating for a clean open.

  4. Wash the lid of the can off before using Draft Top as the top is going in the beer.  

One question many people have: Is it a clean open, with no sharp metal on the lip that could cut your mouth? In the multiple cans that I’ve tested they have all been extremely clean and smooth. Your individual results may vary, so never hurts to check.

As noted in the video below, the main thing I’d love for them to include in a future product enhancement is a magnetic top catcher. This would catch the top, so it doesn’t have to be pushed or pulled out of the beer.

Once I got the hang of going TOPLESS with the Draft Top I really appreciated the fact that I could see and smell my beer. Don’t get me wrong I still prefer to drink out of a glass, but this will be in my tailgating goodies to take to the parking lot. The Draft Top makes drinking from a can fun again!

Get yours by visiting: https://drafttop.com/

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There was NO Monetary consideration exchanged for this video. Draft Top sent us a sample unit to try out and get our honest opinions.

Written By: Luke Lorick 4/5/20

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