Drinkmate Review

I’ve always loved bubbles in my drink. I don’t like wine, but I enjoy some champagne. There is just something about bubbles that can take a good drink and make it great. The team at IDrink Products came out with theDrinkmate to help you put some bubbles in anything you want.

The Drinkmate is the bubble adding gun that not only adds bubbles to make some creative cocktails, but is also pretty fun to use. Pour your drink into the canister and then pull the trigger a couple of times to spritz your beverage of choice with bubbles.

When you get your Drinkmate in you first need to load it with one of the included CO2 cartridges (2 are included). This is where the bubbles come from. Once you have secured this cartridge the next step is the fun one. Pick out what drink you plan to carbonate. Some ideas that we have found success with are: juices and wine.  If you carbonate the juice it can make for a nice sparkling cocktail. You remember a moment ago when I advised that wine wasn’t my thing? Now I just take some white wine and hit it with some bubbles to have some makeshift champagne!

Let’s talk more about how to add the sparkle to the beverage of choice. There is a BPA free plastic container that you can fill up to 14oz of beverage into. There is a max fill line that you don’t want to go past given the amount of pressure that is about to fire into this container. Once you have your drink poured then screw it into the opening on the Drinkmate and ensure everything is secured.

Now here is the fun part: pull the trigger! When you pull the trigger the CO2 releases into your beverage. May I suggest 2-3 trigger pulls as anything more is overkill and will be lost when you attempt to release the drink container. Still something pretty fun about this step and I’ll admit I tried far more than the 2-3 pulls a few times…because it was FUN!

Now that the bubbles have been added it’s time to get drink container released. This can be just a touch tricky as there is some good pressure on the contents. There is a pressure release valve that you can press down on to let some of the pressure out. Work with it to let a little out at a time, until it can then be unscrewed.

Once you get it released simply pour your sparkling craft creation into a cup and enjoy. I know we did as it’s the small touch of bubbles that took a basic cocktail to the next level. This is a simple product to use and pretty portable. Plus you’ll look pretty awesome in front of your friends when you whip this out and start blasting drinks with bubbles.

What would you add some sparkle to? 

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