Drive Stein Beer Mug Review

When you’re getting together with friends to watch your team play there is a good chance you may have a beer or two. What if your team was able to dictate how you drank? Well now the success of your team will tell you how much and how fast to drink with Drive Stein.

Drive Stein is a classic beer mug that has the yard lines of a football field printed on the side. A standard 12 ounce drink will fill up the “entire football field.” As your team moves the ball down field you drink that amount. So if your team runs a kickoff back 100 yards you have to drink an entire beer. If they slowly move the ball down the field you sip your drink and keep the level at where your team is on the field.

The rules are also printed on the other side of the glass.

PROS: Fun way to watch a game, high quality grade mug

CONS: The rules side will likely fade if you put in dishwasher. Honestly I think it just needs a another ‘football field’ on both sides.

Overall this is a fun new way that your team can impact how you drink. As always, NEVER drink and drive and please drink responsibly.

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