Dropping Deuces Review

New tailgating games continue to come out and you can get lost in the sea of various games out there.

Every once in a while something comes out that you just can’t forget and the Dropping Deuces game is just that.

The Dropping Deuces game is similiar to cornhole in that you attempt to toss (in this case small poos) into the hole (in this case a toilet).

While a little crass, the game features multi color poops that you attempt to throw in to a toilet. The toilet is a bucket that has a snap on toilet seat and lid.

Everyone that sees this game gets a little bit of a laugh and what’s better than making someone smile:)

PROS: Funny game that will get people talking and laughing.

CONS: game does best on concrete vs grass and the ‘toilet’ needs to be heavier as it will blow over with any wind.

Overall, this game really stands out from the crowd. There are a few tweaks the team at Dropping Deuces could make to really take this game to the next level. I’ve never been a fan of dropping a deuce at a tailgate…unit now:)

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