Element C – CBD infused Sparkling Water

Normally we are showcasing drinks that are more of the adult variety, but today we focus on a drink with no alcohol that still has a special power. Element C sparkling waters have 25mg of CBD in each drink. Why should you care about CBD? I asked the same question and did some homework.

Benefits of CBD:

-Helps with Depression

-Helps with Pain

-Helps with Cancer related symptoms

-Helps with Diabetes related symptoms

-Helps with Acne. 

The list goes on. Again, these are all supposed benefits and your individual results may vary. I don’t claim to be a Doctor of the medical variety, just a doctor of the tailgate:)

Let’s get into tasting the three flavors that Element C has, currently for purchase.

Black Cherry Sparkling Juice

Blueberry Sparkling Juice

Sparkling Water

Each of these contains 25mg of CBD per serving, organic, gluten-free, and no added sugar. We got one of each flavor in and shot the below video to capture the initial reactions of sampling each.

After sampling each there was a clear winner that stood out: Black Cherry Sparkling Juice! This was one of the best juices I have ever tasted. Check out my reaction in the video. The smell has deep undertones of cherry and the flavor was in one word AMAZING!  I’m going to need a few cases of this flavor sent out ASAP!

The Blueberry was good, but still pales in comparison to the Black Cherry. The sparkling water tasted like well, water. Nothing fancy about the water, but it is 0 calories and has the 25mg of CBD too.

After drinking a 12oz can of Element C CBD water I did feel more chill and relaxed. There was no THC ‘high’ feeling with taking this. Just a mild relaxed feeling and I slept like a baby each night I had one!

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the Black Cherry sparkling juice with 25mg of CBD. I’ll be getting some of this one to have on hand to drink in the evening.

Let us know what questions you have and check out the video below.

Learn more and get your own Sparkling CBD beverage by visiting: ELEMENT C

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We never get paid for a review! This way we can keep it real with you. We were sent one sample of each flavor to get our honest thoughts on.

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/22/20

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