Ellinas Zoe Review

Do you love custom items? I know we do. To me its what makes a good product great. We got to know the crew at Ellinas Zoe recently and they specialize in creating custom hand painted items from coolers, to tables, wineglasses and much more.

For our review they provided us a hand painted cooler. We simply told them to use our logo and a tailgating theme and they ran with it. They can paint it exactly how you want it, or you can give them a theme to allow them to use their creative minds to fill in the blanks.
Our Igloo cooler turned out great. Each panel has unique designs on it to capture the tailgating theme.
PROS: All custom and great free hand products (we have an intricate logo and the did an amazing job and recreating this with brushstrokes) Every item is one off and there is no HUGE set up fee as with other companies. Very professional company that really appreciates your business.
CONS: There is a slight paint smell that is still with our cooler over a week later.
Overall, if you are looking for something different and want it customize a product to your EXACT taste then visit our friends at Ellinas Zoe.

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