Adam Carolla’s Endless Rant IPA

Adam Carolla is know for being hilarious, but there is nothing funny about his new Endless Rant IPA. We had the chance to sample his new brew last night and have to say the flavor is bold!

There are many different types of beer out there since there are many types of beer aficionados. Endless Rant IPA comes in a large 1 pint 6 oz bottle, its a big beer. Alcohol content is 6.2% as well.

The beer is the definition of an IPA its a strong, bold flavor that is not to be confused with a lite or blonde beer.

PROS: it is the definition of flavor for a bold IPA

CONS: In being bold the beer is not for everyone

Overall, if you like a strong beer that makes a statement then its time to go on a Endless Rant with Adam Carolla.

You can order yours online here:

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