Endless Rant Lager Review

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You all know Adam Carolla is great at making you laugh, but did you know that he’s creating new line up of adult beverages? I’ve tried Mangria, Endless Rant IPA and now he brings us the Endless Rant Lager.

The Endless Rant Lager come in 4 packs and each beer is 1 pint. The Endless Rant Lager is brewed by Iron Triangle Brewing Company in Los Angeles, CA. Adam Carolla has been know to make a statement and that is how he likes his drinks to be, as well. The claim of the Endless Rant Lager is that it will be: smooth from start to finish. You know I’ve reviewed hundreds of tailgating products and I’m always ready to put a claim to the test.

First things first, get the beer cold. I like to have it in the fridge and then put it in the freezer for a few minutes before cracking it open. As I poured the Endless Rant lager into the glass I was pleased by the color. The color is bright and crisp and it calls you take a sip. When called upon I must answer, so I tipped the glass up to experience what the Endless Rant lager is all about.

As the cold beer hit my lips it had a mild bitterness and just the right carbonation. The flavor for a Lager was excellent and as you can see from my expression in the live review of the first sip all I could do was smile and nod in approval. This not an overpowering beer and has 4.8% ALC/VOL. This is a beer that you could easily drink all day while tailgating. It’s smooth and overpowering, so it may be the beer of choice this upcoming tailgate season to fill your coolers with.

I also use the Untappd app to check in the unique beers that I try. The Endless Rant Lager was not yet on the app so I had the honor of adding a beer to Untappd that no one else had tried yet. Pretty cool and feel lucky to do it. Now you need to check this beer in and let me know what you think.

The line of Carolla drinks has gotten better with each offering and I can say I’m excited to see what they are going to brew up next!

Let your beer endlessly rant HERE

*Remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive!

Check out the full video review below as we taste it for the first time.

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