Enviro-Log Review

When the cool weather comes then you know its time a good FIRE! For those of you that have been following us for a while, you know we LOVE fire pits and being outside with friends. I  got to test the Enviro-Log that was sent to me a few months ago (but wow it was so HOT in TX I just got around to testing these).

The Enviro-Log is a super simple fire starter to get the fire going with minimal effort. These logs are made from 100% recycled wax cardboard and burn for about 3 hours.
To get these started you will tear it open on the seem and then loosen the bag slightly. I didn’t do this the first time I used this product and while it still burned it wasn’t all it could be. I’m a guy and sometimes following directions escapes me, but I digress. Once you follow the directions (that are printed on the packaging) you will then place the Enviro-Log in the fire pit or fireplace and light both ends. Check out our video to see exactly how to do this properly, step by step and you’ll get to see the most amazing lighter on the market. Once you light both ends the Enviro-Log took off and gave a great fire that burned strong for almost 2.5 hours. It was still going with a small flame at hour three.
For those wondering these do put out smoke the same way that wood does. On a side note it would be sweet to have something that would burn without or with minimal smoke. #FutureDreams
PROS: super easy for anyone to get a fire started, around 3 hours worth of fire, made from recycled materials
CONS: There is a mild burning smell that is unique from a standard wood fire. It is not an odor but it is something we noticed.
Overall, I love a good fire starter and the Enviro-Log is just that. I will be using these again as they make it too easy not to use one.

Enviro-Log products are available at many major retailers in the U.S. and Canada and on the company website.  You can view the list of retailers by clicking on the following link.


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