Essentially Geared Wine Review

Millions of people love wine, but wine is harder to have at tailgates. You have a large glass bottle (that could break) you need a corkscrew and many like the stemmed wine glasses too. Wouldn’t it be nice to just throw some wine in a cooler, like you do with beer? Well now there is thanks to Essentially Geared Wine.

The team at Essentially Geared Wine has put the wine you love into a handy can. With offerings such as Sauvignon Blanc, Rose Wine, Bubbles and Red Wine.  They even include proper food pairings on the back of each so you can have some fun and get the most out of your wine in a can.

Ok, I get it there is some skepticism because wine should be in a bottle and consumed in a fine glass. I don’t disagree, but these product helps fill the void for campers and tailgaters who elect to not bring a big glass bottle, corkscrew and glasses when they are packing light. These wines in a can have their place, but you’re right they may not fully take the place of the iconic bottle and pouring into a large glass to let the wine breathe.

Ok Luke we are with you they have their place, but how do they taste? I’ll start the conversation by saying that I’m far from a wine connoisseur, so take things with a grain of salt. I tried each of the Essentially Geared wines and say my favorite one was the Rose Wine it had a nice sweet flavor with a hint of sour on the back end. Again I normally won’t finished a glass of wine, but I drank the entire can of this one.

Check out the video below!

While I’m not a huge wine fan I do love champange, so I was intrigued with the Bubbles edition that they recently brought out. I tasted this one live on camera with my first sip and while it wasn’t bad, you won’t confuse it with champagne. To be fair this is NOT marketed as champagne, but wine with bubbles. This is exactly what it tasted like, a white wine that had a level of carbonation.

PROS: Wine In A Can! what more is there to say

CONS: Wished the Bubbles edition tasted more like champage.. hint hint for a future offering:)

Overall, if you like wine, but need it to be more portable then its time you tried out Essentially Geared Wines.

Learn more by visiting Essentially Geared Wine

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