Having some level of shade is a must in these early season tailgates. Having a table to serve food and hold drinks is also critical to a successful tailgate. EZ Hitch Tailgate Table has you covered with the table with an umbrella.

This is a 3 piece set up with the arm that hooks into your trailer hitch. Then you place the table on top of the arm. The umbrella is able to slide in and be attached in the center of the table.
We set this up yesterday at a tailgate and didn’t properly secure the umbrella. A gust of wind and off I went chasing the umbrella across the parking lot. I quickly learned what the other hole and bolt was needed for:)
PROS: table and umbrella all in one, built in bottle opener. easy set up. Clean/unique look.
CONS: The thickness/quality of the umbrella material. A higher quality umbrella would be needed to keep more sun out and not fade.Also having the ability to get the umbrella in your company or team logo would make this perfect.
Overall, this is a great idea that everyone loved. It also made it easy for our friends to find us when I said look for the umbrella high above the cars in the parking lot.


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