EZGO Review

Transport your propane tank safely!

If you are like me, you grill A LOT! This means you go through a lot of propane, constantly hauling your propane tanks to swap them out or get them refilled.  When you haul them around you have to throw the tanks in the back of the car, but before you do, you usually dust the off the bottom, make sure there is not dirt or dust that will get your car dirty.  Or you throw it in the back of the van and prop something up against the tank so that it doesn’t fall over.  If you drive a truck you put it in the back and bungee it down so that it doesn’t go rolling around in the bed of the truck.  Enter the EZGO Propane Tank Holder.  This lightweight yet very durable item can hold your tank in place without it rolling around all over the place.  With the raised feet, it keeps the bottom of the tank off the seat of your car, or the bed of your truck.  The raised teeth (as I call em) stand up to hug the bottom of your tank to prevent any kind of rocking that might allow your tank to roll off the holder.  The EZGO is great not just for transporting your tank, but while you are camping you can set the tank in the EZGO and keep the tank off the ground, keeping your tank nice and clean.  The EZGO is a sleek, lightweight design.  It’s made up of some very strong, durable plastic (I tried to bend the thing, and it would not give) made in the USA with recycled material.

Pros:  Heavy duty material, yet light weight so the kids can help carry it around (while you lug around the heavy tank), special feet limits sliding, keeps your dirty tank off the floor of your car or truck.  Made in the USA

Cons:  Can’t really find any, but if we want to be picky they could offer different colors.

Overall:  Great gift for any Grill Master, weekend tailgater, or camper.  Fathers day is quickly approaching order your EZGO today and help that Grill Master in your life keep your car clean and quit letting his tank roll around.

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