Fanpans Review

When you show up at the tailgate do your food choices show how much you love your team? If you are all in as a fan shouldn’t you bring that fandom to your food as well? The Fanpans let you make cakes and baked goods in the form of your teams logo!

The Fanpans are silicone trays that you can use to bake cakes, cookies, muffins or even team ice cubes! The Fanpans are silicone trays that are oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer and even dishwasher safe!

I was sent a few to test out. I tested the Fanpans out by making both a cake and some team ice cubes to see how they turned out. The cake was a Baylor University “BU” logo cake. I made up the cake mix and then greased the pan with some light oil to ensure no sticking (can’t have sticking or it could damage the logo when you pull it out) I then poured the cake batter in and left a little room at the top for it to rise….I should have left more as it rose above the top.  Being that the Fanpan is a unique designed shape it reduced, by 20 minutes, the cooking time for the cake, so keep an eye on this depending on which Fanpan you get.  It is recommended to just slightly overcook the cake, so the edges will brown and allow it to come out easily.

When it comes out of the oven you need to let it cool for about 20 minutes. Then the moment of truth and NERVES! Time to flip the cake upside down and work to get it out of the Fanpan. The cake came out pretty easily and had great shape and defined lines of the logo. Pretty cool thing to bring to a tailgate or a homegate to get ready for the big game!

The other Fanpan I had was a smaller one that you can use for smaller baked goods or ice cubes. I decided to try the ice cubes option to see how they turned out (they make an even smaller one for ice cubes that would work even better) but sometimes bigger is better here in Texas!

I brought the above to a big time Homegating event and people loved these fun ideas.

PROS: you can support your team with foods and ice in team logos, these are safe for all of your appliances. easy to use. Heat up to 450 degrees. FDA approved silicone

CONS: for the cakes it would be nice to have a fill to line so you don’t have overflow in the oven.

Overall, fun and easy idea to take your team support to the next level. If you’re ready to step your tailgating game up, then its time to get a Fanpans in your favorite team!

Check them out today:

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