FireDisc Cutting Board

If you are a cook then there is a great chance you use a cutting board on a regular basis, I know I do. I’ve had the plastic and glass cutting boards in the past that have worked ok, but then I had the chance to use a FireDisc bamboo cutting board.

Right out of the box you can tell the quality that went into making this cutting board. The cutting board even has a Knife sharpener in the top right corner, pretty handy! The cutting board has not absorbed any colors or smells from foods that I cut on the board.

The cutting board is easy to clean and fun to use.

PROS: quality of board, knife sharpener, doesn’t hold colors or smell in the board.

CONS: an option to get a slightly larger board would be the only feedback I have at this time. (Word on the street is that this larger board may be in the works 😉 )

Overall, this is the best cutting board I’ve used in my life. I would highly recommend this cutting board to you if you’re in the market.

Get yours HERE

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