FireDisc Grill Review

Grilling and tailgating are the perfect combo. Taking your huge grill from the house to the tailgate is not usually feasible or easy to do. The team at Fire Disc Grills has some smaller ( I call them super WOKS) grills that are portable enough to take to your tailgate or your next camping adventure.

The Fire Disc Grill has 3 main pieces. There are two separate legs that then hold the large bowl shaped grill. Set up and tear down only takes about 5 minutes. These come in red and black colors with two different height choices ( 36” standard counter top height in case you want to build it in your outdoor kitchen or  the smaller 24 inch height version), as well.

Prior to using the Fire Disc Grill make sure to follow the steps for prep and cleaning. I didn’t the first time and I highly recommend it:) Also at the conclusion of your cooking event you are encouraged to wipe down the Fire Disc grill with cooking oil. You can simply hose off the grill or use ice from your cooler to help clean the grill, after use.

The grill can hook up to a 1lb or 20lb propane tank. As a side note this is the largest grill on the market to work with a 1lb propane tank!

PROS: Heats up fast, pretty portable, large cooking surface,this is an excellent grill for fish (so your house doesn’t smell like fish:)) Customer service is top notch. You can actually hang this grill on the wall too. The grill can hold up to FIVE gallons of food.

CONS: prep to cook is different and more steps that standard gas grill (prep time is much less after properly seasoned). I’d like to see the legs of the grill as one piece that slide and locks into place instead of two pieces to make this more portable like other tailgating grills we’ve used.

Overall, this is a unique grill that has some features that other similar model grills don’t possess. If you’re in the market for a new tailgating or camping style grill check this one out to see if it fits your particular needs. I believe this grill will be very popular with the hunting and fishing community.

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