Flabongo Review

I love beer and I love being different, so when I was asked if I wanted to try drinking a beer differently the answer was easy: YES! Now here is the head scratcher, what do beer and flamingos have in common? The majority of people couldn’t answer this question unless you’re a member of the Flabongo club, which I am now!

The Flabongo looks like one of those plastic yard flamingos that you see in some neighborhoods that bring a sense that you are in a tropical place:) The Flabongo took this awesome yard flamingo and turned it into a beer bong. That’s right you get to drink a beer out of a yard flamingo. This sounds awesome, but before you run out in your yard to make one out of your neighbors yard ornament, pause and finish reading.

The Flabongo is a cult classic and you can only get initiated into this cult one way…drink a beer from the Flabongo! I got the Flabongo’s in and got an immediate chuckle out of them, as it is kind of funny to think you’re about to slam a beer from a flamingo. I grabbed a few beers and we got the camera rolling (see video below). You pour the beer into the stomach section of the flamingo and then wrap your lips around the flamingos beak and turn it up. The beer will flow fast out of the flamingos beak and into your mouth.

You can see that one of us actually drank all the beer while the other was surprised at how fast the beer rolls down the Flabongo’s neck!

The Flabongo is one of the most fun ways I’ve ever had the opportunity to chug a beer out of and I know that if you like to be a little different then you need to get a Flabongo!.

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