I love flying my teams flag, but what’s the best way to do it at a tailgate? Well with a flagpole system made for tailgating, of course! The FLAGPOLE-TO-GO system is made to help you fly your flags high at the tailgate.

The FLAGPOLE-TO-GO system is telescopic pole that is held down by your vehicle tire. They sell poles that go up from 12 feet to 20 feet in the air. They also can hold two flags. They sent us an American flag along with my alma mater South Carolina University flag. Time to put this to the test.

I opened up the box and the system comes in two parts: the base and the telescopic pole. I went outside and put the base underneath my tire and pulled my truck up to have the wheel sit on the base. This helps to hold the flagpole to go down, so it won’t blow over. I then slid the telescopic pole into the base holder and tightened up the screw to help hold this in place. This is a finger twist screw, so no tools are needed. I attached the first flag (American) to the clips. The clips are pretty easy to use, as you simply unclip them, then slide it through the metal rings and then reclip. I slip up the pole and then did the same with the second flag (South Carolina). I then slid up each telescoping section and then twisted the black ring to lock each section into place.

I saw that raising the pole up all the way would allow some play in the pole, when windy, that had the pole hitting the side of the truck. With this being known, I left one section down and didn’t raise it up the entire way. What I also learned is that over the course of the afternoon, with the wind, the sections would start to fall down and I’d have to manually raise them back up. It would be nice if these locked into place better to keep the flags flying high.

For example, I left it up overnight and when I came out in the morning each section and sunken back into the pole and I had to raise it up again. To be clear, the pole didn’t fall over, or damage anything, only the individual columns fell back into the telescopic pole. This would be similar to when you are packing it away and collapsing the pole.

Overall, I love the concept and ease of use. My only feedback is to have a better locking mechanism, so the flags fly strong, no matter what. If you are trying to fly your team flag at the next tailgate, check out the lineup of flag poles offered by FLAGPOLE-TO-GO.


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