FlasKap Review

Everyone has tumbler in today’s world and for good reason. They keep your drinks ice cold far longer than a regular cup can. There has been little innovation into tumbler lids, until now. The FlasKap is the most innovation lid I have come across.

The FlasKap is a lid that fits up to 40 different tumbler models on the market. What makes this lid special is that it can actually hold up to 5 ounces of your favorite spirit. This changes the game! No longer do you have to carry a heavy cooler, or bottle around with you. No longer do you have to worry about areas where glass is prohibited. You just hit the button on the top of the FlasKap to freshen your drink up.

You can use the FlasKap with a wide variety of tumblers, one of which you may already own, or order your FlasKap with a SIC tumbler. Once you get your FlasKap you will see a flap on the top that you open to pour your favorite spirit into the reservoir to the fill line. Click the flap to a secured position and then head out for some fun. When you run out of your drink just pour some more of your favorite mixer in to the cup and push the button on the top of the FlasKap. Each push of the button releases about 1 ounce of the spirit you added. If you want a double just hit the button twice.

Think about the possibilities from walking around the tailgate, to pool day, to other functions where you may need to use discretion.

PROS: most innovative lid ever, holds up to 5 ounces of your favorite spirit, allows you to walk around without having to bring a bottle or cooler.

CONS: doesn’t fit all tumblers (only 1 size FlasKap currently), doesn’t have a lid/stopper for the mouthpiece so you could spill some

Overall, if you’re a fan of the spirits then this is what you need in your life. This is best thing to happen to tumbler since, well, tumblers! Check out FlasKap today for yourself and pay it forward and give one to a friend.


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