Flingball Game Review

We love tailgating and having a fun tailgating game at the party is a must. We have tested a plethora of different yard games over the years and know a fun game when we see it. When I saw a new game that used a trampoline for fun trick shots I knew I had to put Flingball to the Tailgating Challenge. Now lets fling some balls in the Flingball Game Review.

Setting Up Flingball

I’ll be honest the set up may be the hardest part and only downfall of the game. Flingball has a trampoline that requires some muscle and finesse to set up. They even call this out in the directions “the last connection is the most difficult and will require a little stretching of the elastic bands in order to align the curved frame with the hole of the T connector and make the final connection.”

Once the trampoline is set up you place the base underneath the back hole, slide the post on and then the basket on top. Now you’re ready to fling some balls.

Flingball Scoring

1 point: landing the Flingball on the trampoline

2 points: making the Flingball in the hole with the orange circle

3 points: making the Flingball in the net above the trampoline

5 points: landing the Flingball in the top hole

Hangers in the rare occasion when a Flingball lands on the edge of the net rim, or top target rim and stays there (hanging) it is an automatic win, but must stay until the end of the round.

What Did We Think?

After we got the game set up and tossed the first couple of Flingballs I knew this game could be a winner. There is something about the tassels flying through the air and bouncing on the trampoline that brought a smile to all of our faces.

When we first started playing we were working to get the Flingball on the trampoline, or in the net. As we played more we started to get the feel of how to toss the Flingball up to get a good bounce to try and get it to bounce in the top hole or the net.

The longer we played we more we lived for the bounce! Getting a bounce and sinking it in the hole is the coveted shot that all players will chase. It’s easier said than done and make sure you’re recording when you make it, so you can capture the face you make on this epic shot, that you can see below.


PROS: extremely fun game, multiple ways to score, fun to play for a wide variety of ages
CONS: setting up trampoline can be challenging. Game needs a carrying case

Overall, if you’re looking a fun game that will get your party going then it’s time to check out Flingball.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 11/7/23

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