Flip Cooler Review

There are many coolers out there that can hold a ton of drinks, but few that assist the wine/champagneconnoisseur. The Flip Cooler From Stay Cool Hot Stuff can help this key demographic keep their precious bottles cold and protected.

The Flip Cooler is a cylinder style cooler that can fit one champange or wine bottle to keep it on chill while you tailgate hop or make your way to the party. The Flip Cooler is very light-weight and has a carrying handle, as well.

The cooler is fully recyclable and can keep contents both cold and hot (You can find creative uses outside of wine and champagne because who would want these HOT:))

We tested the Flip Cooler and found that it keeps contents cold for approximately 2-3 hours. If you need to keep it ice cold longer, you may want another cooler option.

PROS: light-weight, sleek design, keeps contents cold or hot

CONS: In our tests it didn’t keep contents cold the stated 10 hours.

Overall, this is a great idea if you need to take a bottle of wine/champagne to the party as it’s light-weight and has the ability to keep contents cold for up to 3 hours.

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