Flock Chicken Chips Review

You’ve had pork skins before, but what about chicken skins? At first you may raise an eyebrow at eating chicken skins, but lets dig into these new Flock Chicken Chips further.

These chicken skin chips come in the following flavors:


-Salt Vinegar



We got our hands on three of the above flavors to check out and put to our Tailgating Challenge. I’ve always been a fan of pork skins, especially with a cold beer, so I was interested to see how chicken skins could stack up against the mighty pork skin. Some of the features of the Flock Chicken Chips:


-High Protein (13G)

-Gluten Free

-Sugar Free 

We grabbed a few bags and got the camera rolling to get our initial reactions of tasting these Flock Chicken Chips. First up, the Salt and Vinegar chips. At first taste there is good salty taste, but very little vinegar. This is great for my as I’m not a vinegar fan. After a few more there was a hint of vinegar that started to show up. Next up, the BBQ flavor. There was a hint, but not an overpowering amount of BBQ flavor that came from these chicken skins. The one thing that I noticed with both of these as that they were ‘heavier’ than a pork skin. The heavier feeling comes from what appears to be more oil housed in each chicken skin chip.

Finally, we tasted the Original Chicken Skins. Normally the original flavor is my least favorite with items I test, but that is not correct for these chips as the Original was my favorite. The Original was lighter than the others and closer to a pork skin. There was a good crunch and just the right amount of salt.

Overall, the more of these chips I ate the more I like them. The one feedback that I’d like to see them work on is making all of their chicken chips ‘lighter’ and have less of an oily taste.

You can learn more and get your own Chicken Chips by visiting FLOCK CHICKEN CHIPS

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We NEVER get paid for reviews. This way we can keep it honest with our thoughts. We were sent samples to check out with the understanding we would give our honest thoughts on these chips.

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/31/20

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