Flowzer Review

If you’re at a tailgate then you must have a Koozie right? We have all seen basic koozies that have your team’s logo and slide over your beverage, they work great. Koozies are now starting to get technology put into them and that is awesome!

We had the chance to get some Fluid in Motion samples of the Flowzer. The Flowzer has a punch button to help you ‘shotgun’ your beer (or other canned beverage of choice). It is different than the regular concept of shotgunning in that you drink out of the regular opening on top of the can.
We played with this and it does work and its a cool idea. There is some beer wasted in the process (Maybe we need to get better or drink faster)
PROS: cool idea, people all want to try it out, good pricing, comes in variety of colors
CONS: some beer is lost in the festivities. Team logos would be cool
Overall: this is a cool idea that your friends will want to try at the next tailgating or get together. If you like shotgunning or trying out unique ways to drink a beverage then give it a shot.


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