Forget Hangovers Review

Hate hangovers? Who doesn’t? Check out this patch that could help reduce the negative effects of a fun night. Read on to see the full review:

We all love to tailgate, but for some of us that means waking up the next day not feeling as well as we like. Welcome the new product we were able to test out for you: Forget Hangovers.

This is a 100% all natural patch that you place on our skin prior to drinking that claims it will help you feel better the next day.
The patch contains the essential vitamin B1 (that alcohol depletes from your body) the B1 helps to increase metabolism, decrease liver toxicity and reduces dehydration. The patch can be left on up to 36 hours for max benefits.
To test we brought a stack of these to a recent tailgating event and passed them out to both males and females. We had some put on 1 patch each, but others put on 2 patches to see if the extra patch would provide an extra benefit.
In speaking with the panel the following day there were positive returns from all, but it appeared those that used 2 patches reported the most significant results.
PROS: easy to use,all natural,appears to give at least some benefit to the majority of users.
CONS:You have to remember to put it on PRIOR to drinking (it could be easy to forget)
Overall, if you like to enjoy yourself more than most at tailgating events then you should get a pack of these and give them a shot to see if they work for you.


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