Fort Worth Axe Factory Review

Beer and ax throwing sounds like a fantasty right? Wrong! This is an actual business model that is starting to spread across the United States. There are ax throwing bars popping up around the country. Some serve alcohol inside the ax throwing range, while others allow you to BYOB. I love a good beer and doing something fun, so when I found out that Fort Worth Axe Factory had opened within an hour of where I live I knew we had to check it out.

The Fort Worth Axe Factory is an ax throwing range where you can rent lanes out and BYOB to have a couple beers while challenging your friends to a fun game. I found out it’s also a great place to go if you need to blow off some steam. Think about it, had a bad day at work, a breakup, or some other frustrating even, then having a beer and throwing an ax can only help things.

When we pulled into the parking lot there were a lot of cars around because in the same parking lot as Fort Worth Axe Factory is the Martin Brewing House. We strolled over to Martin Brewing House first and for $10 they gave us a sweet glass and three beer pours, not a bad deal. I started off with the Friday IPA which was dank, juicy and delicious. On my second pour I got the True Love sour beer that was vastly different than the IPA, but also nice and refreshing. On the final pour I did something I don’t normally do when experiencing a new brewery, I got the same beer twice! The Friday IPA was so good I had to have it again. While drinking in the brewery we talked about throwing axes and stated that 3 beers is likely just the right amount to have prior to throwing an ax, as we didn’t think a fourth would serve us well, on the next leg of our journey.

As we walk across the parking lot, feeling both relaxed and excited at the same time, we knew this had the making of a great day.  We entered the Fort Worth Axe Factory and paid for an hour on the lanes. They gave us each a short tutorial about ax throwing and then turned us loose to throw some axes. They had two different axes that had different weights, so if you needed one a little lighter they have that covered. As the axes were flying more were sticking into the target than were falling off, so we must be doing something right.

When you start throwing axes you can start to feel when it’s going to be a true shot vs. when it comes off the wrong way. For those that have never thrown an ax before, you want keep your arm straight and let it ‘flick’ out of your hand as you release it towards the object. You can then adjust the distance of where you throw to make it stick in the board more often.


You can also play a game with your friends to 21 as there are scores on the target that you can add up and see who is the best ax throwing master in your group. We had fun throwing it under handed, two at a time or having two people throw at the same time to try and have both stick in the wall.

The only downfall to our experience was that it was pretty HOT inside, so we quickly sweated out the craft beer we had at the Martin House. They are planning on some additional ways to keep the area cooler as the Texas summer hasn’t hit full stride yet (we went in May).

If you see an ax throwing bar pop up near you then this is something that I would highly recommend and I want to see your pics and videos of YOU throwing that ax.

Remember always be safe when handling an ax (or other potential weapon) and NEVER drink and drive. 


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