Frost Buddy Koozie Review

We all love a great koozie, but we hate having to find koozies that fit our specific type of drink. From cans, to bottles and slim cans the average koozie doesn’t adapt well. We found the Frost Buddy koozie and put it to our Tailgating Challenge. Now let’s dive into the Frost Buddy Koozie Review.

Features of the Frost Buddy

-Double Wall Vacuum Sealed

-Non-Slip Rubber Bottom

-No Adaptor Necessary

-No Condensation

-Unique 4 in 1 Drink Holding Technology

Testing the Frost Buddy

We saw the Frost Buddy on social media and many people were going crazy over how convenient they were and how cold it kept their drinks. When I got on their site I noticed they had plenty of great colors of their popular universal can cooler. I picked out the magic rainbow and navy blue colors. I also like the USA designs and the Galaxy design. Be careful you may fill your shopping cart up quick when you can’t decide which styles you want.

When I got the Frost Buddy in I started to play with it to see exactly how it worked and I had that ah-ha moment. When I realized there were built in grooves inside of the Frost Buddy for bottles, cans and slim cans to simply slide into. My mind was blown! I literally said ‘no sh!t’ the first time I realized exactly how smart this koozie was. It also converts into a tumbler, so that’s 4 different ways that it can impact your next cold beverage.

With koozies I like to complete side by side tests to see just how much they help keep your drink cold. In over an hour the Frost Buddy beverage only went up two degrees and kept the drink 5 times colder than the control drink with no koozie on it. This is impressive cooling power, as for most of us we will not take an hour to drink, but you can feel confident the last sip will be close to the same temperature it was when you put it in the Frost Buddy. For those wondering we left it in for two hours and the temperature went up just another 2 degrees, so 4 degrees total in 2 hours.


PROS: great styling, feels good in hand, keeps drinks cold 5 times longer(than no koozie), no adaptor needed for different sized beverages

CONS: doesn’t fit pints

Overall, we are fans of the Frost Buddy. It does exactly what it says it is going to do. The Frost Buddy does get our Tailgating Challenge seal of approval and we feel confident it will pass the challenges you put it to, as well.

Learn more and get your own by visiting FROST BUDDY

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Written By: Luke Lorick 4/6/21

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