GOAT Fuel Review

We all have those times where we need a pick me up. You’ve seen your friends at the early morning tailgates that keep yawning. A boost is needed and who better to help energize the crowd than the best wide receiver of all time: Jerry Rice! Jerry Rice now has an energy drink on the market called GOAT Fuel.

The term GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time and many will argue that Jerry Rice was the best to every play the wide receiver position in the history of the National Football League. GOAT fuel was made to give you a boost without a bunch of sugar.

Goat Fuel Facts:

15 calories per can

No Sugar



Gluten Free

10 essential vitamins 

200mg of caffeine 

Some of the standout ingredients in each bottle of GOAT Fuel:


Green Tea


Amino Acids


They currently have 4 flagship flavors that we tested in the video below. These flavors are: Blueberry Lemonade, Pink Candy, Tropical Berry and Peach Pineapple. Each of these flavors is relatively mild and won’t be as abrasive, as some energy drinks on the market. During our tests, the cameraman mentioned he had never had an energy drink and wanted to try the Blueberry Lemonade flavor. He drank the entire can and voiced multiple times how much he enjoyed it. That would be a great flavor for anyone that has had other engery drinks and hated the taste.

Speaking of the Blueberry Lemonade it was the smoothest, mildest flavor of the bunch. It was almost like a flavored water with a hint of carbonation. I’m not sure I would think it was an energy drink if I was doing a blind taste test. The Pink Candy pours a pink color and has a hint of cotton candy flavor on the front end. The aftertaste is not as good as some of the other flavors in the GOAT fuel lineup. The Tropical Berry flavor was the most bold of the flavors in regards to the amount of flavor that hits you when you drink it. While the Tropical Berry was my least favorite your individual tastes may vary. My favorite was the Peach Pineapple. It has a great mix of Peach and Pineapple that come together and linger after you swallow that is very nice.

Shinesty 49ers Suit

Overall the flavors are solid and I believe these are the energy drinks for people who don’t like the taste of what a ‘normal’ energy drink tastes like. Even with only 4 flavors I feel like there is something for everyone in regards to flavors and the strength of flavor. I highly recommend the Blueberry Lemonade to anyone who is not an energy drink fan.

These drinks pack 200mg of caffeine per can (roughly two cups of coffee or 4 Mountain Dews) as well as other vitamins that will get you UP! I’ve had a couple cans now and I can feel the difference. There is a level of focus and energy that is different than other energy drinks that I’ve tried.

I also appreciate that there is no sugar and some healthier ingredients, like green tea and mushrooms in the drink. I know that most energy drinks are far from a ‘health food’, but this one is closer than any other I’ve tested to date.

If you’re tired of being tired then it’s time to turn to the goat, GOAT Fuel that is. Let us know what your favorite flavor would be.

Get your own GOAT Fuel by visiting: https://www.goatofficial.com/

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GOAT Fuel sent us samples to test out and get our honest opinions on. No monetary consideration was exchanged for this review. We don’t believe in that as we must KEEP IT REAL!

Written by: Luke Lorick 1/12/20

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