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I may look like I always have everything together, but I have a confession to make: My grill was filthy. You would think someone as passionate about tailgating and grilling would keep his grill a little cleaner. I agree, but it’s a flaw and I’m working on it, thanks to the line up of Grate Chef grill cleaning products.

Grate Chef has a line of grill cleaning products to help clean the grill from the outside to the inside and I needed them all. They sent me the Stainless Steel Wipes, The Groover, and the Non-Stick Grill Wipes to help me tackle the beast that was my dirty grill. I had the products I needed to help me get my grill back to some level of cleanliness, now it was time to put in work.

I started with the Stainless Wipes and there are 6 wipes in the pack. I started to polish the hood of the grill and the stainless doors. I didn’t wipe or clean the stainless parts prior to using this. I worked the Stainless wipes over every inch of the grill and it looked better, fast. This product far exceeded expectations as the stainless portions of the grill really did look brand new. I used two of these to clean my grill. I recommend these for sure.

Next up, it was time to tackle the dirty grates. They state to cut your grill on low to heat up, for easier cleaning. First, I used a grill brush to knock some of the black char on the grill off. After the grill heated up (you want it around 300 or so, not too hot) I pulled out the Groover out and placed it on the grill. The Groover (3 per pack) is a cleaning pad made with safe ingredients that will not harm you, if a little is left behind. After you place the Groover on the grill you grab your grill brush and then place the grill brush on top of it to move it around the grill. This method helps ensure you don’t get burned and the brush grips the Groover, so you don’t loose it as you push it over every inch of the grill.  I could tell that some of the deep down grease/grime was gone after this cleaning session. I used just 1 Groover in the cleaning of my grill. I can say your grill grates still won’t look brand new again, but they will look much better.

Finally, it was time to cap it off with the Non-Stick Grill Wipes (6 per pack). These help to ensure food won’t stick to your grill and it gives it the proper seasoning. You use this in a similar fashion as the Groover, place it on the grill and grab the grill brush to push it across every grate. This was pretty painless, but slightly harder than using the Groover as it’s like a wipe and had to be adjusted a few times. I used two wipes during the process. I cooked on the grill later in the evening and nothing stuck to the grill at all!

Overall, this is a solid and pretty easy to use cleaning line up. The Stainless Steel Wipes impressed me the most and are a must buy based on the results. The Groover and Non-Stick Wipes work very well as long as you understand, under the hood won’t look brand new, but it will look much better.

Thanks to Grate Chef I no longer have the skeleton of a dirty grill in my closet!

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