Grill Easy Review

Love grilling with charcoal, but hate waiting for it to heat up?

How many of you guys hate using charcoal simply because your hands get filthy after trying to get the charcoal to light? That stuff doesn’t easily come off. Who takes the time to neatly stack your charcoal into a pyramid of sorts to get it going faster? Who here uses the chimney starter? Who here prefers to use lump charcoal to briquets? Well with the Grill Easy, it will take care of all those questions. The lump charcoal is contained in a cardboard box. With the simple tear of the bottom strip you create a self ventilation shaft and expose a wick that lights very easily. Light the wick, and in a matter of about 12-15 minutes your coals are ready to grill up that awesome steak. The box will burn away and leave you with a good amount of charcoal to cook whatever you like. The Grill Easy uses lump charcoal to burn, which is better for your foods. It’s natural wood that has all the bad stuff already burned off. There is no need to douse the box in lighter fluid to get it to light, it’s paper, not that hard. You don’t have the fear of that weird lighter fluid taste on your burgers or steaks. Lump charcoal gives you a good natural smoky flavor without adding in wood chips. In 3 easy steps; Tear, Light, Cook, you will be on your way to enjoying a great tasting meal that you grilled up in no time at all.

Pro’s: It’s a lot less messy than the big bags of charcoal. Lot less waste. No bag to throw away after your are done. The box burns away and you are left with some very hot coals.

Con’s: not sure exactly what type of wood was used, but mine tended to spark several times. This is usually caused by certain types of woods. Nothing dangerous, just makes for an interesting show while grilling.

Overall: Great product, that makes it very easy to get your meal going quickly.

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