Grilling Giant Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails on the grill are good, but Giant lobster tails (Lobster Anywhere) on the grill are even better! How do Giant Lobster Tails Taste? We find out in our next Tailgating Challenge.

Prepping Lobster For Grill

-Thaw your lobster tail if frozen. Do a slow thaw by placing in the fridge overnight. Never use a microwave!

-Cut the legs/feelers off with kitchen sheers

-Crack the chest cavity to loosen up the shell

-Cut the tail down the middle with kitchen sheers

-Brush with butter to keep the meat moist

Lobster on the Grill

It’s now time to put this Giant lobster tail on the grill! Get your grill warmed up to 400 degrees and place the giant lobster tail with the shell side down to start. Then flip to other side and continue to baste to keep the meat moist. When we grilled this beast we kept it on the grill about 15 minutes and it came out perfectly!

The size of your tail will dictate how long you keep it on the grill. For more precision you can use a wireless meat thermometer to ensure a perfect cook

How Does a Giant Lobster Tail Taste?

I’ve always loved lobster, but I wondered if bigger was better? I know with other foods if it gets too big it loses flavor and gets tough. When the lobster came off the grill I pulled a giant slab of meat off and tasted it and all I could say was WOW (you can literally see my reaction in the video below). The meat was moist, sweet and packed full of flavor.

I can say with conviction that bigger is truly better when it comes to lobster tails.


Before finding Lobster Anywhere I had no idea that you could even get lobster tails as big as this. It was an amazing experience for my wife and I to share one HUGE lobster tail. Pro Tip: don’t try to share a normal sized lobster tail with your significant other. I’m still in awe at the size of these tails and the amazing flavor that it packed.

If you’re looking for the biggest lobster tails ever to impress your friends may I suggest checking out Lobster Anywhere and check out their Monster Lobster Tails.

Grilling Giant Lobster Tails Video

Written By: Luke Lorick 10/3/23

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