Haggard Rustic Goods Cooler Review

I’ve tested out plenty of coolers that are built to take out to the tailgate, but few that were designed to never leave the house.  We got our hands on the Haggard Rustic Goods wooden cooler to see how it would improve the homegating party.

We founded National Homegating Day that is celebrated on January 1st each year. With the new social distancing, that seems like it could be around a while, throwing the party at home will be the new norm. We need to find the coolest gear for your next homegating party and this wooden, rustic cooler could be just the fit for your next backyard party.

The Haggard Rustic Goods Cooler has the following features:

-reclaimed barn wood

-48 quart Coleman cooler

-holds up to 63 canned beverages

-keeps ice for over 2 days 

-ability to customize with logo or phrase

-bottle opener

-side table (optional upgrade)

-bottom table (optional upgrade) 

See the full video of this cooler below. 

When we got ours in it came in a box and there is some assembly required. I grabbed a screwdriver (a power screwdriver will save you some time) and got to work on putting the cooler together. I installed the 4 legs first and then the side table. You will need to take the hinged side table off first and then install the supports. Once these are installed you can then reattach the side table. Next up the optional bottom table and I had to play with this for a few minutes to get it to set in there. Finally, the bottle opener was screwed in on the front plate to complete the very unique look for this cooler.

I took a step back and looked at this cooler on the patio and was impressed. It has a totally different look than most of the coolers I have in my collection. The old barn wood really makes this an artistic piece and our big TAILGATING CHALLENGE logo on the front looks awesome. I also like that this cooler sits up off the ground, so you don’t have to bend over to get the drinks from the cooler.

At the end of the day a cooler has to do more than just look pretty. It has to keep your drinks ice cold for the duration of your party. We grabbed a couple of bags of ice and started loading the cooler up with beer and ice to see how this performs. We enjoyed drinking cold beers out of this cooler all night long. We checked back in 14 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours later to see how the ice was progressing. The ice was still looking great the next morning and there was some melt by 24 hours. 36 hour check in we still had ice in the cooler and even at 48 hours we had some ice left that were keeping the remaining beers cold.

This cooler was built for weekends, as it looks great when entertaining your guests and it can keep your drinks ice cold for the entire weekend. The reclaimed wood will keep the appearance for years to come, no matter the weather that hits it. Ours has already been through multiple storms and looks brand new.

If you’re looking for a cooler that can perform all weekend and be the centerpiece of conversation then its time to check out the Haggard Rustic Goods Coolers. What will the front of your cooler say?

See all the options and order your own by visiting: https://haggardsrusticgoods.com/

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No monetary payment was given for this review. We were sent one cooler to test out and give our honest thoughts on.

Written by: Luke Lorick 6/7/20

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