Hidden Huggy Koozie Review

We’ve tested quite a few koozies over the years and love koozies that have something that makes them stand out. The Hidden Huggy Koozie can boast that it is the smallest koozie in the world! Now let’s get into our Hidden Huggy Koozie Review.

We learned that in addition to being the smallest koozie in the world, the Hidden Huggy can also help fit bottles, can’s and slim cans! We got this tiny koozie in the mail and it was time to put the Hidden Huggy to our Tailgating Challenge.

Hidden Huggy Testing

The smallest koozie in the world arrived and I stared at it while wondering what many are asking, WHY? Why do we need a koozie that folds into itself?

When I test koozies I want to check out the following:

-how well does it insulate?

-is there anything unique about the koozie?

-does it have fun styling?

First off, I got two beers out of the fridge and put the Hidden Huggy on one and a regular neoprene koozie on the other. I did temperature testing every 15 minutes for an hour, while the cans were sitting on the counter, to see how the Hidden Huggy performed. Over the course of the hour the Hidden Huggy held close with the regular neoprene koozie at the end of the testing the Hidden Huggy contents were about 1 degree warmer than the regular koozie. This essentially shows that this will perform on par with other similar koozies.

Next we talk about what is unique with this Hidden Huggie koozie. The Hidden Huggy can say it’s the smallest koozie ever and it has a clip that can easily attach to a key chain. This way you never misplace your koozie!

Finally, let’s get into the style of the koozie. To be perfectly honest it’s a little boring. It comes in red and black colors and I feel that with the Hidden Huggy 2.0 they need to have some brighter and more flashy designs.

One additional note is that you have to tuck the Hidden Huggy back into its own pocket when you’re done. This can take a bit of practice to get good with it. For some that have any finger/joint pain you will not be a fan of this step.


PROS: smallest koozie ever, keeps drinks cold on par with other koozies, clip to attach to key ring

CONS: the styling needs an update to add some fun, takes a minute to get the Hidden Huggy packed up once you’re done drinking.

Overall, this is a fun koozie to say that you have the smallest koozie in the world, but I’m not sure if I’m ditching a few of my other go to koozies for the Hidden Huggy.

Learn more and get your own Hidden Huggy Koozie HERE

Thanks for reading this far in our Hidden Huggy Koozie Review and please leave us any questions/comments you have below. Now enjoy the video review of the Hidden Huggy Koozie.

Meet the Worlds Smallest Koozie

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/9/21

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