High Camp Flask Review

When you’re getting ready for you next adventure one of the items you may have on your checklist is a flask. Flasks, in the past, have had similar looks and their flat square shape was designed to fit in your pockets. The High Camp Flask was designed for adventure and we knew we had to put this to our Tailgating Challenge in the High Camp Flask Review.

Features of High Camp Flask

• Volume: 12.7 fl.oz (375ml) – 1/2 full bottle

• Flask weight: 10oz

• 100% 18/8 stainless steel

• Vacuum Insulation for 24-hr Temperature Control

• Leak-proof stainless steel plug cap w/ silicone seal

• Wide mouth opening, no funnel Required

• No-Drip-Lip for a clean pour every time, guaranteed

• Electrogloss clean technology ensures pure flavor, simply rinse to clean

• BPA & phthalate-free

• No plastic

Product Testing

High Camp Flask comes in two sizes and in our testing we focus on the 375ml flask (also available in 750ml size). The High Camp Flask arrived ready to use out of the box and it also comes with a protective cloth sleeve.

Styling of a flask is important and the High Camp Flask is different than any other flask that I’ve seen. It has more of a tumbler look vs the standard flask look. High Camp Flasks come in five colors (copper, rose gold, gun metal, gun metal matte, and stainless steel) we had our eyes on the gun metal (pictured in the below video) that we used in our testing.

Once you get past the styling it’s on to the functionality. A really cool thing about this flask is the magnetic cup/lid to the flask. It attaches securely and is much better than screw on tops, in our opinion. The next thing is the no drip lip that helps ensure you never spill any of your favorite spirit, when pouring. The no drip lip also allows you not to have to use a funnel to get the spirits into the flask.

Finally, we can finish with durability and we have a story to tell on this. As I was setting up for the perfect video shot I had a misstep on top of edge of a mountain ridge and as I fell the High Camp Flask flew out of my hand and down a rocky cliff. When I recovered it there was a scratch and a ding, but no leaks or other issues. I will always remember those ‘beauty marks’ on the High Camp Flask for the experience that day and what could have happened.


PROS: stylish, magnetic top, no drip lip

CONS: Doesn’t fit in your pocket as well (check the video)

Overall, this is my favorite flask that we have tested at Tailgating Challenge. If you’re in the market for a flask that is built for adventure then the High Camp Flask could be for you.

Learn more and get your own by visiting HIGH CAMP FLASK

Thanks for reading our blog on the High Camp Flask Review. Let us know if you have any questions and make sure you watch our video we made with our High Camp Flask under a frozen waterfall.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 3/11/21

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