HitchSafe Review

If you drive a truck then there is a good chance you have a towing hitch on the vehicle. These can be ugly, gaping holes, when you’re not towing, that many companies make hitch covers for now. These hitch covers are made to clean up the appearance of the hitch receiver and they work great for cosmetic purposes. Not many of these do anything else except provide a cleaner back end for the truck. The HitchSafe actually fills the hole on the receiver AND provides a secure storage compartment that can come in handy when you step away from your vehicle. We tested the HitchSafe out give you some thoughts on how this could help you!

We have a 1999 Dodge Ram with the 2 inch receiver hitch on the back. In the past we have had a plain black plate cover over the back to clean up the appearance. It did just that and did a good job, but there should be something that looks good AND does something special. I was on the quest to find just that and was scrolling through Facebook when I came across the HitchSafe. A hitch cover that is also a safe!  I knew it was time to test this out.

We got our HitchSafe in and began the testing. The HitchSafe installs in seconds. Well, it installs in seconds after you figure it out the first time. It took me a moment to figure out how to slide the HitchSafe into the receiver. There are two silver bolts that you have to press in when sliding into the hitch and then have them pop out when they get to the hole on the outside of the receiver. That is what locks this into place. The trick is taking the storage compartment or ‘safe’ out of the HitchSafe and then pull the two silver sliding panels on each side out a bit and the bolts will sink in. Once you slide it into the receiver hitch hole you can pop the bolts out and lock into place. Again, once you see it in action once you’ll have this installed in seconds every time you do it in the future.

The HitchSafe boasts the following features:

-Fits any standard 2 inch hitch receiver

-Seconds to install/No tools required

-Solid all metal construction

-Dust cover that protects and conceals

-10,000 different number combinations

Once the HitchSafe is installed it’s time to show you why the HitchSafe is a simple and must have modification on your truck. The HitchSafe, on the surface, looks like a normal receiver cover, as the dust cover attaches over the top of the ‘safe’ so the average person will have no idea that there is something special going on behind the scenes. When you need to access the ‘safe’ you pop the dust cover off and you will then see the panel that shows the combination pad. This is where you will set your personal code that will allow you access to the storage compartment.

You place your code into the HitchSafe and then then it will allow you to slide the compartment out to access the ‘safe’. The HitchSafe can hold keys, money, tickets and other small items. The HitchSafe cannot hold a cell phone. The HitchSafe has high value for anyone that is around water, as they can lock their keys into the HitchSafe, so they do not have to get their keys wet, or leave them unguarded while they take a dip. This can also be a great place to store an another key to your home instead of getting the hide a key in a rock, or leave a key under the mat trick.

The HitchSafe is a simple and useful modification to your truck receiver hitch that could really save the day when you need it. If you have a 2 inch receiver hitch and want something that looks good and is functional, then its time to check out the HitchSafe.

Learn more and get your own by visiting: http://www.hitchsafe.com/

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