Hoop Roll Game Review

You know we love yard games and it’s our mission to continue to locate and find some of the coolest yard games on the market. We want all of our tailgating family to have more FUN and yard games can be a big piece of the fun equation. This new yard game, Hoop Roll, was invented by an 11 year (who was 9 when the idea hit). He and his dad are now working to share this fun idea with yard games nation. Let’s see how the Hoop Roll does in our Tailgating Challenge.

How to play Hoop Roll

-Inflate the two yellow balls (pump included)

-Set the hoops up 15-20 feet apart (you can go further for expert level)

-Start rolling the balls to the opposite hoop

-10 points if the ball rolls through the hoop

-5 points if the ball hits the hoop

-Play to 100


Hoop Roll Testing

Hoop Roll comes with 2 hoops, 2 yellow balls, 4 yellow stakes, and an air pump. This all fits into the carry sack. The game is light weight and set up is simple, if you’re on the right type of surface.

You set the two hoops up 15-20 feet apart and put one of the yellow stakes into each of the holes. This means that you can not play in the parking lot, or on hard ground. For harder ground they would need a stronger stake and a tool to hammer it in the ground.

Once you have it set up it’s time to get your roll on. You simply roll the ball towards the hoop to try and get it to strike the hoop, or get it to go through the hoop. As you get better you can move the hoops further apart to step up the challenge.

The grass will matter when playing in a yard. Short, tightly cut grass will play much better than shaggy grass.

This game is simple and fun to play. Those that played it stated they would like to play it again. I agree, as the game is fun, portable and one of the most economical yard games we have tested.


PROS: easy set up, fun to play, portable
CONS: can’t play on paved surfaces or hard ground, more sturdy stakes could be helpful

Overall, we were impressed with the Hoop Roll game. Simple, fun and effective. If you’re looking for a new yard, or beach game add this into your yard game arsenal this summer.

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Hoop Roll Game Video Review

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Written By: Luke Lorick 7/17/21

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