Hop In The Spa…Beer Spa!

If you know me then you know I love beer. I love trying every kind of craft beer I can get my hands on. When I heard there was a Beer Spa I knew that I had to add this to my bucket list. Hop In The Spa in Sisters, Oregon is a spa built for beer lovers. If you love beer and love to relax, then you may want to add Hop In The Spa to your bucket list too.

I learned about Hop in the Spa through social media and knew that this was something I needed to do, so we planned a trip up to Bend, Oregon (about 30 minutes from Hop In The Spa) and called ahead to get a reservation. This is a must, as they only have 2 tubs right now (they are adding more). They also have a massage room in which you can get rubbed down with hop oil…insert there will be a HOPPY ending here. I was more interested in getting in the tub with beer and made the reservation.

When we arrived we met Mike and Sally who were very engaging personalities and told us the story of how they met and why Hop In Spa was formed. I’ll leave him to tell you the story when you go. This is the only Beer Spa in North America at this time, but they are planning on opening one in the future in Virginia, so east coast fans look out.

You get to sit in a bar area as they prepare the tubs for you (they drain them after each use so you will not be soaking in the last persons bath) they served up some hard to find Deschutes beer while we sat and talked to get us in the beer state of mind. We then walked into the beer tub room and the aroma was awesome!

Let me explain one misconception, you are not actually sitting in a pool of beer. You are sitting in hot water in which they mix all of the elements of beer into the tub, except yeast. Hops was one of the main ingredients and you can see them floating at the top of the tub. Of course when I got into the tub I did my best to HOP into the tub to honor their name (check the video below).

Once in the tub it felt amazing, smelled great and I was face to face with what I love HOPS. Then they came in and gave us each a pretzel and a cold beer. Maybe this is what heaven is like?

Our 30 minute soak (you can get longer soaks too) quickly came to an end and we went back to the bar area while the next party in our group went to soak. We made an afternoon of this event and know as they expand it is only going to get better for all patrons of Hop In The Spa.

If you’re looking for a once in a life time experience for the beer lover in your life, or yourself then it’s time to HOP IN THE SPA!
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